Yeast Infection Treatments

Patient: I had a yeast infection. The yeast infection has cleared, but skin around the vagina is very irritated and itchy. I have scratches and scrapes around it. I have tried everything. Vagisil, Vaseline, warm bath, cold compress, benedrayl. I was thinking maybe diaper rash cream. What can I do?

Symptoms: Irritated and itchy skin around vagina after a yeast infection

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,If there is a persistent irritability and itching over the vulva and vaginal skin then it is likely that that internal infection may have got treated but the local still persists. It is important that you get a swab culture test done to rule out persistence of yeast which is likely and apply anti-fungal ointment like OINT CLOTRIMAZOLE 1% thrice a day for 7 days locally. This shall help alleviate the symptoms sooner.I hope I have addressed you concern,Regards