Yellowish sweet smelling discharge

Patient: Hello I’m currently 40 weeks +days pregnant and have noticed a watery yellowish sweet smelling discharge what could this be please thank you

Symptoms: Back ache and tummy tightenings

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.You have a term pregnancy and crossed dates as well. The field which is watery and yell ow , sweet smelling could most probably be the amniotic fluid indicating that the bag of membranes has given away and signs of backache and tummy tightening is suggestive that you have most probably gone into labor.Kindly do not wait, rush to the ER immediately as the baby’s heartbeat has to be monitored and an examination must be done to see how far the labor has progressed and early steps have to be taken for the same. If not in labor, the doctor may choose to deliver you at the earliest, since when membrane leaks happen, delivery is mandatory.Avoid strenuous activity and minimize your movements till you reach the hospital.Drink good amount of water.Wish you all the best for a safe confinementRegards