Yes I need help I had sex on feb 8

Patient: Yes I need help. I had sex on feb 8. then took the plan b pill on feb 9. then on Valentine’s day I had sex but when I was putting the condom on my partner I put it on the wrong way then switched it and put it in the right way. by then I don’t know if he pre ejaculated on the condom but before we actually had sex I stroked his penis a few times while the condom was on and then I actually put it in but while we were having sex I started to bleed. little bits of brown blood. the next day I woke up to cramps and I went to get up and pee and a lot of blood came out (as if I had my period.) but I just had my period on feb 3 or 4. am I pregnant?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The pattern of bleeding that you have had most likely looks like an early period or an intermenstrual bleeding caused as a side effect of the plan B pill. Chance of pregnancy is less with such a bleeding. However consult a doctor and do a beta hCG blood test to rule out pregnancyHope this helped.Regards