Yesterday i hv sex with my wife suddenly my foot

Patient: Yesterday i hv sex with my wife suddenly my foot hit her vagina that time nthng is happened but after 30 min. when she gone for bath his vagina is blooding very badly is there is any problem and also today in the morning there is blooding in her vagina.kindly answer me is there is any problem is her vagina or something else.What can i do please help???

Symptoms: Pain in vagina

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Is she having periods and are they on the regular timing. If they are on the regular tim e for the periods, then you do not have to worry too much.If the periods are not on the regular date and the bleeding does not stop in 3 days, please see a Doctor. Be careful in the future and also get the sex organs examined at her next Gyne visit.Hope this helps you.All the best.

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Patient: No sir she isn’t in periods. She is bleeding only in the morning.
Yes i see a doctor he give some tablets to her.
And he also said that do not intercourse till one week.