Yesterday, morning I took 2 pregnancy test and both were positive

Patient: Yesterday, morning I took 2 pregnancy test and both were positive, Answer and a Clear Blue weeks estimator. 1-2 weeks, then later in the day I got 2 negatives. This morning I took another weeks estimator said pregnant 1-2 weeks. Then went to a clinic and it said negative as well as a hospital urine test. I would only get positives in the mornings. Why am I getting positives in the morning and then later in the day getting negatives. I also had brown ish discharge just about all day… What is that? My last period was February 18th so that would place me at 1 week 6 days… I’m so confused

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If your LMP was Feb 18th and it’s been just 13 days now and your clear blue test is sh owing positive result, then it’s an absolutely false result. Theses because you have just entered your fertile period by day 12 and ovulation may not have occurred. it is likely that the increased mucous discharge that you are experiencing is due to ovulation and not pregnancy at all.THE RESULTS ARE FALSE FOR SURE.To allay your anxiety you can do a gold standard test of serum beta hCG, which if found to be more than 1 or raised , shall indicate pregnancy and if less than 1, shall rule out pregnancy completely. It is not pregnancy for sure.Hope this helps.Regards