Yesterday morning once I woke up, I went to stretch

Patient: Yesterday morning once I woke up, I went to stretch out and immediately got this intense, pulling pain in my calf. Pain lasted about a minute or so then my leg felt fine the rest of the day. Today I woke up and went out of bed and couldn’t put pressure on the leg because it was painful. Throughout the day I noticed the more I’m on it, the less it hurts to walk but when I sit or lay down then get back up it is in pain. The area isn’t swollen or red or bruised, but sore and tender to the touch. I just figured it was a charley horse but why would it hurt when I did it, then be fine, then hurt again the next day? Any ideas as to what’s going on?

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.There can be a few reasons for pulling a calf. But the most common of these would be fat igue, salt deficiency and injury.Resting and taking a lot of Oral Rehydration solution will help you with the fatigue and the salt deficiency. If you think you are injured, you can treat it by icing the area and try to remove or reduce the swelling.Ice the area for 15 mins every hour several times a day and massage it as well. You can apply local NSAID creams as well to reduce the swelling. Hope this works for you. All the best.