Yesterday we hit a huge wave on the river I

Patient: Yesterday we hit a huge wave on the river. I fell on my right knee, was thrown up and back down on it again. It really hurts to bend and has been swollen. The bruise developed in a crescent shape around the inside of the knee cap??? Go see dr? Mri?

Symptoms: Pain bruising swelling

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Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Yes, the bruising is significantly b ad and it needs medical treatment. As of now, if you can move with slight restriction of movement, you can apply local analgesic like Diclofenac gel for a couple of days and wait for the pain to come down. At any point if it seems to worsen, you can go ahead and get a simple x-ray done first. It will be able to reveal the amount of fluid accumulation. Also, I would advise you to take Tab. Advil 2-3 times daily after food as well as Tab. Chymoral Forte ( Chymotrypsin ) thrice daily for a week. This should be able to bring down the inflammation as well as the swelling.So, you can always go ahead and get it physically examined. As of now, it does not seem urgent, but if the pain worsens or the swelling gets bigger, kindly get it examined.Hope this was helpful,Feel free to discuss further,Regards