Young couple Attempting to Conceive

Patient: Im a 24 yr old female, in a serious relationship with my current live in boyfriend of 4 yrs, when we have sex we never use protection. he wants a child, but he thinks i can’t have any children because nothing has happened. i’ve never been on any birth control pills, and my obgyn said everything was normal. why is it taking so long to get pregnant? could there be something wrong with me?

Doctor: Infertility can be a stressful issue in the relationship.  When couples are attempting to conceive and no conception has s occurred despite best efforts, a visit to your family doctor is warranted.1/3 of cased are a result of female issue, 1/3 of cases are a result of male issues and 1/3 of cases have no identifiable cause.  You indicate you have already discussed this with your obstetrician and been given a clean bill of health. The next appropriate test would be to have your partner perform a sperm analysis.