Young girl with flu – symptoms worried about violent shivering

Patient: Hi,My name is Sophia, I’m 19 years old and I have a question to ask regarding something that happened to me earlier today.But first, there are some things you need to know. I am a heroin addict, I have been so for about five years, and I have just been kicked out of rehab, so I’m a bit out of control right now. Today, I have shot heroin two times and last night I also took 2 mg Rivotril and drank a lot of vodka. I have been using Rivotril on/off the last couple of week.Anyway, something happened today that frightened me. I have been feeling very sick this week with flu – like symptoms. Especially my muscles and my lower back have been very painful. I know it’s not withdrawal symptoms, because I get what I need of opiates. Still, I’ve been forced to go out and make money. Earlier this evening, the pain in my lower back got really bad, everything hurt, I felt dizzy and tired, had a headache and had the worst kind of chills, like I was stuck inside a freezer.I tried to put on warm clothes and lay down in my bed. The chills seemed to become even worse. I started shaking a little bit and feeling all sweaty and flu – like. Then, the shaking intensified and got completely out of control. My teeth were chattering so much, that I was afraid they would break, and I tried biting down on my pillow. I couldn’t speak or stand up or do anything, my whole body was just shaking uncontrollably. It lasted for a very long time. I was wearing a big sweater, lying covered in blankets, and still, I kept shaking that much for about half an hour.Then, it finally started going away, and I tried to make myself relax. I then woke up two hours later, feeling just as sick as before, but without the shaking.What was that? Can it be related to my drug use? Is it a normal flu? The problem is that I’m on so many drugs that I can’t always feel when something is wrong. I don’t know if I have a fever, and I’m sure the heroin is hiding a lot of the pain and discomfort.I really hope you can help me! I just want to know if it’s something serious. I can’t get a hold on my own doctor for a week or two, so I need to know that I can go that long without having it checked out.Thank you./Sophia

Symptoms: chills, headache, extreme shaking, muscle pain in my legs, arms, everywhere, pain in my shoulders, back and lower back, sweating, feeling tired,