Young male erection problems

Patient: Hi, I’m a 23 year old male in good physical health. I have suffered with anxiety for many years, however have got to grips quite well on general anxiety. I feel quite on top of that and haven’t had a panic attack in a couple of years. One thing which has plagued me has been performance anxiety during sex. I can find it incredibly difficult to achieve or maintain an erection.I’ve recently broken up with my girlfriend. Prior to that, I was doing much better, and losing or failing to get an erection was rare. Now I am dating again, there is obviously more pressure and so I am concerned about the problem repeating. I bought some viagra using the NHS online service recently, and tried taking 25mg before sexual activity with a new girl I had met. Sadly, although I did achieve an erection a couple of times, it was nowhere near long enough to allow for penetration.I am able to masturbate and ejaculate without a problem, although sometimes my erections are not as hard as I think maybe they should be. Overall just looking for general advice, and particularly whether viagra or another drug to help me get over it is a good idea.Thank you