Young pregnancy!?

Patient: Hello Doctor! I am extremely nervous and paranoid over this question and concern I’m having. A couple weeks ago, 2-3. My girlfriend and I were curious and started touching each other’s genitals. I ejaculated, and touched my semen. I then rubbed it on my leg, and on the bed we were on. I then touched her vagina with my finger, but pulled away quickly realizing I had semen on my finger still. I did wait a good solid 15 minutes before I did this. THERE WAS NO PENETRATION OR SEX! I did not put my penis into her vagina, nor did I get a cm into her vagina. We are middle school aged, very young. We we learning about sexual reproduction in middle school, and started googling things and experimented. I have no told her or my parent’s about this situation.

Symptoms: No symptoms as it is not me

Doctor: It is highly unlikely that your girl friend could be pregnant because of what you did. However, the best way to be sure is to do a home pregnancy test if she misses her period. She can follow the instructions on the pack and get tested yourself without any hassles.Sperm survives for a very limited time on a dry surface in air. By touching the semen and fingering a girl’s vagina it is unlikely to get the girl pregnant although theoretically it is possible. For pregnancy to take, it is important for active sperms to be present in the vagina and the route of insemination i.e penetrative sex or otherwise are unimportant.I hope you feel better after reading this. However you must remember that accidents such as these are common and next time the situation may not be as favorable. Visit a family planning clinic or a contraception counselor and discuss the benefits and use of emergency contraceptive or morning after pills. You could also discuss the matter with an adult friend or family member you trust and take their help in seeking proper guidance. Armed with the proper knowledge, I am sure you will be able to avoid anxious moments in the future.