Zanocin while trying to conceieve

Patient: I’m prescribed Zanocin 200mg for UTI. We are planning to conceive. Does it have any ill-effect if we start to try for the same. If not how long should I wait till we start trying for a baby?The prescription provided by the doctor was for a week.Thanks in advance.

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Zanocin has an ingredient called as ofloxacin, it should not be prescribed for pregnant women which automatically indicates that even people who are planning to become pregnant should not use the drug, in your case it is better for you couple not to try for conception this month .i.e. in this cycle. This drug is known to have effect on joints in young animals; therefore the early fetus also may have side effects. You can try to conceive in the next cycle after the course of this antibiotic is completed this month.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.