Patient: I have been on Junel birth control for a few years now and I was prescribed Zithromax for a sinus infection a few weeks ago. I finished the five day antibiotic one day after the end of my bc pill pack. I took precautions during my placebo week, took the first 5 pills in my new pack, but then had a momentary lapse of judgement and had unprotected sex for a few minutes before I realized he should probably put a condom on because I might not be protected yet. So technically it had been 11 days since the last antibiotic, but I’d only taken 5 bc pills and I have read numerous places that I should have taken 7 to be protected. What is my risk factor here?

Doctor: I understand your concern about pregnancy risk, let me reassure you that your chances of becoming pregnant are low and y ou should not worry if you were taking your contraceptive pills daily.Of course you should know that there are no 100% effective contraceptive methods; however oral contraceptives pills reduce the chances by 98%, therefore there is 2% of patients that will become pregnant even when taking OCP’s. Also, Zithromax would not increase you chance of becoming pregnant. I wish you the best.