Zn-Cu Balance

Patient: Copper – Zinc Balance. Devastating Health Consequences. Could Zinc Citrate chelate copper at such high rate!Los Angeles, CA45 yr old Male. Used to drink plenty of Alcohol. Now moderate.A year ago, done blood tests, including Zinc status. Result: Zinc deficient. Taken Optizinc (30mg) daily. All was fine.Just last week started Zinc Citrate (50mg). Since then, there been sudden calamatic changes in my state of health:-Severe Sinus problem, runny stuffed nose, constant sneezing. Signs of compromised immune system.-Hair suddenly very brittle thin, as if burned by heat! Appearance of ‘damaged’ hair is very visible.-Face pale Anemic.Reading med sources: I added Cu 3mg, increased to 5mg (all during past 48 hrs). Miraculously the sinus resolved, instantly!!Is this Zn-Cu imbalance!! Is Citrate the culprit? My wild guess: it is more readily absorbed than Optizinc, hence the ensuing imbalance havoc!!