Zorcor Increasing Fasting Blood Glucose Numbers

Patient: Hello Dr,Recently I have been diagnosed with High Cholesterol so started with Crestor and before Crestor my Fasting Blood Glucose were at 90’s to 110, after 3 months of crestor My cholesterol is well controlled, BUT the Fasting glucose numbers shoot up upto 160’s, Then after reading the article about Jupiter Study on Crestor that Crestor has an impact on fasting blood glucose, changed the medication to Zorcor,In the Mean time(1 month) before changing to Zorcor, I was not on any Cholest Meds, and My Fasting glucose went to 100-115, after starting zorcor 20 mg, now after 3 weeks (each week I see the fasting blood glucose numebrs are slowly going up from 110 to now at 140’s.)Please guide me as how to control Both Glucose and Cholesterol. I really appreciate your quick response. Thanks Much!!!